Building Materials

13% saving on £1.2 million

We conducted a detailed supply chain audit from customer order to customer delivery of 30 to 50 orders per day nationwide. We identified a 13% saving on £1.2million


15% saving on £300K

A full review of the company’s distribution strategy was undertaken. The company’s annual spend on distribution was £260K. Our recommendation’s and implementation have reduced this spend to £140K per annum and we are retained by the client to oversee all of our recommendations.


12% saving on £250K

A health check audit was carried out and savings, efficiencies and failures in legal compliance were identified. We made practical recommendations on staffing, legal compliance, warehousing, fuel efficiency, routing and scheduling. All the recommendations were implemented saving £70K per annum. A further £90k per annum of external revenue was generated to offset the distribution costs.